Mission Statement

We are obsessed with every facet of our customer’s experience! We are unrelenting in our pursuit of self-improvement and delivering resources to make our customers amazing.


It’s simple: MYOTREND® is about having an impact and making a difference in each other’s life. At the fabric of our DNA are core values that encourage self-improvement, honesty, integrity along with self-discipline and self-respect. As a brand, every day, we strive to innovate and reinvent our industry. We also encourage each member of our team to develop a balanced lifestyle reflecting the core values of our mission.


  • To put our customers interest first and above all else
  • To serve our customers in every way
  • To empower our customers to set and crush goals
  • To make a difference in everything we do
  • To be transparent in our mission and purpose
  • To change what consumers expect from a sports supplement brand


Every care has been given to ensure that each detail of the development process has been strictly observed to create products with the absolute highest degree of potency, purity and effectiveness including full transparency of label and formula.


To use our platform to inspire our audience to transform their lives, achieve personal awesomeness and change the industry.

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